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So, I'm excited at finding a community that is dedicated to Haldir, because this guy is underappreciated, I tell you!  Sure, there was a surge of HaldirLove after PJ killed him (a resounding 'grr' from the audience, please), but most of the love tapered off.  We need to fix that people.  I think Legolas is starting to gain again.  This is not good.

So, for the occasion of my joining this community (seeing as I KNOW I must do it.  It is HALDIR after all!), I brought presents.  Gifts all around!

Plus, I would also like to know if any of you thought anything slightly odd when you heard the song "Into the West."  I was listening to it a few weeks past, and it seemed awfully Haldir-centric to me, which is weird, considering that it's ROTK's theme, and Haldir is um, disceased by that time (u.u) ~_^

The quotes I got from the LOTR Chalkboard, a link of which can be found somewhere on my personal journal (I'm too lazy to dig it up right now, plus, free self-promotion!) Anyway, go ahead and take these if you want.  I use them in e-mail signatures, but I guess you could use them for whatever.  If you take one, please just leave a comment and let me know where my work's going to use ^_^  Thankies!

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